Many of us are in what is known as the “sandwich” generation. We’re at a point in our lives where we are taking care of both aging loved ones, and small children. Most of us know that taking time to ourselves (and away from our children) makes us better parents. We also know the value of great babysitters, who can give our children amazing care. But not all of us have realized that it’s just important to take breaks from caring for our aging loved ones, in order to make us better caretakers.

But taking time away from caring for aging parents and other loved ones isn’t as easy as calling the teenager down the street. You know what to look for in a great babysitter, but what does really great In Home Care For Seniors in Louisville, KY look like? According to Website, personal care providers should offer every aspect of in home care, from individuals who are fully trained, highly experienced, and above all, trustworthy. The in-home personal care provider you choose should offer services including, but not limited to:

* Feeding Assistance
* Bathing Assistance
* Assistance with Medications/Medical Tasks
* Transportation
* Errands (Grocery shopping, banking, etc)
* Home Care (Laundry, gardening, etc)
* Pet Care (Feeding, exercising, etc)
* Activity Planning

More important than these things, however, is the attitude of the in-home personal care provider you choose. Dignity is important to all of us, and most seniors don’t want to be treated like a child in need of being taken care of. Ideally, the professional you choose for in home personal care for your loved one will offer more than just help in the home. He or she should be a “real” person, who will take the time to get to know your loved one, and become friends with him or her, as well as with your whole family.

You can find professionals like this by finding a company that has a good reputation for In Home Care for Seniors in Louisville, KY – and then meeting and getting to know some of their care providers. The right fit will feel natural, and will make it easier for you to take some respite time for yourself. The right fit will also make it easier for your loved one to accept help from someone other than you.