There are some who claim that e-cigs are a harmless way to smoke that damages neither their own health nor that of others who happen to be in the vicinity – it is true that e-cigs do not actually burn anything and that no smoke is involved; so, the e-cig does not pose the same dangers as the traditional tobacco cigarette. Do e-cigs pose different threats is a topic that is still under debate without any long term study evidence.

Do E-Cigs Help People To Give Up Smoking? Basically they do; but that usually means that the ex-cigarette smoker has now become a vaper puffing on an e-cig. This does mean a loss of duties and taxes to the government; but, since they want everyone to stop smoking; they can hardly complain about losing money when people do stop buying cigarettes.

The Mechanics Of Vaping

The power plant, as it where, is a battery (preferably one that can be recharged) this powers up the device that vaporizes the fluid that vapers suck in much the same way as smokers draw in their smoke. The vaporizer or atomizer is usually part of a cartridge type assembly that is connected to the battery and also acts as a reservoir for the vaping fluid. The vapor generated when the battery is turned on is sucked out of the cartridge through a mouthpiece that commonly copies the mouthpiece design from an old fashioned cigarette holder.

What Do You Get Out Of Vaping?

The enthusiast will simply tell you that they get enjoyment and satisfaction. They achieve this in several ways (mostly copying the reasons for smoking) :-

  • Something to do with your hands.
  • Sucking on something is naturally satisfying.
  • Those that include nicotine in their vapor mix get basically the same “kick” from inhaled vapor as they would from inhaled tobacco smoke.
  • The whole process is relaxing and/or calming.

Then, there is a reason that you will not see claimed very often for smoking. This is the taste of the E Cig Flavors, that they are vaporizing, provides a wonderful sensory impression. Imagine getting all the sensory effect of eating (say) cinnamon blueberry crumble all day long without gaining a single ounce of weight – because all you are doing is savoring one of the many E Cig Flavors!

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