Tooth pain can strike out of nowhere or be chronic in nature. Either way, it can be difficult to overcome, without dental treatment intervention. When you are experiencing tooth pain, it is important you do not simply try to cover up the pain with pain medications. Though these may provide you with temporary relief, they only stop your body from sending warning signals. Pain medications cannot take care of the underlying cause of your pain, something that needs to be investigated by the Emergency Dentist in Mountain Lakes. Through proper dental care, the causes of your pain can be found and you can find relief as soon as possible.

What are the Causes of Tooth Pain?

     *      Cavities are typically the number one cause of tooth pain. Cavities often begin with little to no symptoms. As they progress, they cause deterioration to the inside of the tooth and can cause the nerve to become exposed. An exposed nerve can cause severe pain and can be difficult to overcome on your own. This is one of the biggest reasons the Emergency Dentist is available without an appointment. With prompt dental treatment, cavities can be filled, allowing the nerve to heal and stopping the pain.

     *     Infections can also cause pain in the teeth. When a tooth becomes abscessed, it is important treatment is started right away, to combat the infection. With prompt treatment, the effects of the infection can be stopped, so tooth damage and further pain does not occur. Since tooth infections can spread to other teeth, the gums and eventually affect the health of the heart, it is imperative these are treated as soon as possible, through the Emergency Dentist in Mountain Lakes.

     *     Injuries to the tooth can often be the cause of pain. Injuries can occur through blunt trauma to the teeth or can occur in a tooth that has been compromised because of disease or cavity. Injuries can be treated in a variety of ways and are most treatable right after they occur. This is why getting to the dentist as soon as possible is so important.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you need to seek dental treatment.

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