When you first bring home baby there is so much to remember that sometimes the Attractive baby journals do so much more then hold precious newborn baby pictures. Whether you are keeping a journal online or keeping a hard copy journal daily, there is a lot to remember from doctors appointments, cute stories, illnesses, growth charts and not to mention the moments you want to share with those around you. Finding the right journal will ease this process and turn it into the joy.

For starters, pick if you would like to cut and paste your actual pictures or if doing them on an online journal is easier for you. Just because the journal is online does not meant that you can not order a hard line version when you are finished with a particular time line or event. What you would be missing, however, with the online journal are clips of hair or other pieces of physical evidence that you want to share.

A piece of advice that all new mothers will hear countless times is to write everything down. Between the all night feedings, complete change of schedule and the responsibility of a new life, remembering when you saw the first smile is something you will want to write down and reflect on in years to come. Besides the first smile you will want to make note of growth charts for height, weight and dental growth. Keeping track of doctors appointments and listing dates of immunizations and unscheduled emergency trips are important. A food journal is also important to remember as this will be helpful in keeping track of patterns before you even know they are a pattern.

Obviously, the easiest way to share this precious information to friends and family are going to be through the Attractive baby journals you can keep online. Find ones that are safe and secure for people to view while keeping your information private from people you do not share the journal with. There are any number of sites that will ensure this capability while giving you creative avenues to design the book that will grow with your baby.

Baby journal is the perfect present to give every expecting mother.They will cherish the fact that you gave them a place to store all their more precious baby memories. Visit GoToBaby for more details!