Nicole Alger is a classically trained painter living in New York. Alger trained as a realist painter focusing on traditional genres like landscapes, portrait and still life after graduation. She continued on this path for some time with the vast majority of Alger’s work commissioned or sold privately.

More recently, over the past five years or so, her work shifted to a more vibrant and imaginative work. Her new transitions are inspired by such artists as Klimt, Degas, and European masters from the Renaissance period. The painters of the Post-Impressionist era to the religious imagery of Neo-Classicism surfaced in her work, bringing to light a new and popular aspect highly praised in the art world. This came to be the new and popular contemporary drawings by Nicole Alger.

It is clear her contemporary drawings continue to develop as new influences significantly change her brilliantly colored drawings. There seem to be some new influences.

Firstly, there is the Indian Chakra system, the belief in tantric and yoga systems aligning one, bringing harmony and balance. Drawings with fluid movement lead the mind to a free spirited experiencing far removed from the ridged past of her once classic style.

Greek mythology is another big influence altering the contemporary drawings of Nicole Alger – the embracing whispers of Greek gods and goddesses, heroes, and myths such as Hercules and Perseus. It also hints of an array of Greek mythology and literature displaying the marvels of its ancient text, appealing to the curious minds of her followers.

Buddhist ideas are the third of the most recent influences contributing to allure of Alger’s contemporary sketches. The Buddha, which means, “the awakened one”, breathes awareness, far removed from her classic teachings, into her modern expressions of the artist awaken within her. Many art lovers believe her walk has led her to the truth within, an awakening of the true artist.

The structured and formal education of a once-classic artist has fused with her life’s journey, giving birth to one of realism and abstract drawings. Nicole Alger captures self-awareness, balance and healing bringing chakra into her work. Color the light and language of her world oppose the lights and shadows, vivid colors replacing depth and movement. All this is the change within the artist influenced by her submersion into the teachings of Chakra, Greek mythology and Buddhism.