Not all jobs require drug testing, but when you do get offered a job that is contingent on how your drug test comes out, you need a place to have this done. A Drug Testing Clinic has to be an approved facility by the state and/or the company that has offered you a job. Some companies allow you to choose your clinic, but you may have to choose one from a list of nearby facilities. If you have never had to go through the drug testing process, the following will provide you with what to expect.

1) Paperwork – Fill out any paperwork that your potential employer sent or gave to you before you go to the facility. That will cut down on the time you spend there. You will have other paperwork to fill out and sign after you get to the facility besides what is given to you by the employer.

2) Belongings – You cannot take your personal belongs with you into the restroom with you. A staff member at the facility will provide you with a locker and accompany you while you place all your things into the locker. Personal belongings include things like hats, jackets, purses, coats, purses, wallets, phones, briefcases, keys, and anything else you are carrying with you.

3) Clothing – Sometimes a Drug Testing Clinic may ask you to change into a hospital gown before the drug test. This means you have to take off your clothes in a dressing room. This is one way they ensure the test cannot be faked or contaminated. The instructions from the employer will tell them what is required for the test.

4) Testing – You will be given a plastic cup and a staff member will direct you to the area where you will urinate into the cup. There will probably be no sink or water in this bathroom to prevent watering down urine and test results. You will urinate in the cup, put the lid on it, and give it to the staff member when you come out of the room.

Some facilities may have a sink or water source in the bathroom, but these are usually locked or tamper-proofed to prevent urine dilution. Everything in the facility will be tamper-proof in some way for drug testing. If you need an employment drug test, the Midwest Express Clinic provides this service at their facility.