Wherever people gather together to live in a group that grows to become a village, town or, even a city; our nature is such that, from time to time, we feel the need to gather together in something more than meeting a few mates for a beer. When the numbers grow larger; or, the reason behind the gathering has some importance to (most of) the people attending; we are in the habit of calling it a “function” (i.e. a large or formal social event or ceremony) and, for this we will need space in which to hold it.


Some say today that those of us living in Ipswich are nothing more than suburban inhabitants of Brisbane; but, we should not forget that Ipswich nearly became the capital of Queensland and does have history in its own right. From early quarrying days when the place was known as Limestone (it was renamed Ipswich in 1843) people were settling in the area and it grew to become an important river port for the other growing local industries of coal, and wool. By 1860, Ipswich was a municipality and it became a city in 1904. With this number of people; there were bound to be social events from time to time; meaning that, over one hundred years ago, there was a need for Function Rooms In Ipswich.

Churches, Schools, Sports Clubs & City Councils

All the organisations above play a big part in our civic society and this usually means that they have to have such places as meeting halls and assembly rooms. When Ipswich first became a city; these may well have been the only spaces big enough for people to hire and use as Function Rooms In Ipswich.

Pubs, Ballrooms & Hotels

As a place grows in population; establishments of the above type begin to prosper and, while their business is to cater to the needs of individual (or small group) customers; many of them seek to enlarge their business by “catering to private parties”. For this to work to the establishment’s best interests; they need to set aside rooms separate from the daily activities which the “party” group can hire for their function. A pub back room may not take too many people; a standalone ballroom might be too large; but, hotel Function Rooms In Ipswich often provide the perfect balance for many people’s social events.

You will find good Function Rooms In Ipswich if you contact the Prince Alfred Hotel; they can seat parties from 14 up to 240.