Entrusting your child to someone else is never something that is easy to do. In most cases however, this is inevitable, meaning that you will need to look for the right Child Care Valley Stream. You will first need to consider how the day care providers interact with the children. Small children, especially those under two years, need constant love and attention. A good day care is one where the staff members are on the floor physically interacting with the children. A good day care center is also one where there is a ratio of approximately one care provider for every three children.

Young children need predictability and consistency. It is therefore your responsibility to look at how committed the Child Care Valley Stream provider is to your child. You can ask about the staff turnover. Also find out how long the care provider has been working there and whether or not they plan to stay for the long-term. Ideally, your child should have the same care provider for at least a year. This will help foster trust, attachment and security even in later years.

You should also do a policy check to ensure that it is in line with your own personal beliefs. You need to have parenting philosophies that are at par with those for the Child Care Valley Stream provider. Find out the different policies on television for example, whether or not they are allowed to watch and for how long. Find out about issues to do with discipline, sleeping, feeding and so on. You want a child care center that closely matches your own philosophies on how your child should be raised.

Lastly, drop by unannounced every once in a while especially in the initial months. These surprise visits will help you learn how the child care facility functions at different times. You will also get a better idea on how the staff members interact with the children. Look out for safety precautions such as child-proofing, designated play areas, and cleanliness among health related precautions. Use these criteria to help you find reliable and qualified Child Care Valley Stream that you and your child will be happy with.