Wet carpeting in the home is no laughing matter.  Whether sort of some sort of flooding caused the damage or a pipe burst and saturated one or two rooms, the need for quick action is necessary.  This is where calling a professional to take care of the wet carpet in San Diego comes in handy.

Extracting the WaterIt is important to realize that the water has not just soaked into the carpet fibers.  The underlying padding is also likely saturated.  This creates the perfect environment for the development of mold and mildew.  Other than having the carpeting and padding removed, the only real option is to extract the water from the materials. A professional carpet cleaning service will have the type of equipment to deal with these types of situations.

That equipment is much more powerful than the cleaners that consumers can rent in supermarkets and other venues.  These are designed to actually draw the water out of the material.  At the same time, the equipment uses heat to help dry the padding and carpeting completely.  This helps to undo the damage done by the flooding and saves the consumer a lot of money in replacement costs. How Long Does It Take? Several factors influence how long it takes to thoroughly clean and dry wet carpeting.  Carpets with thinner designs require shorter periods of extraction and drying.  Thicker piles and padding will require more than one round in order to achieve the desired end.

A professional can assess the degree of saturation, the type of carpeting involved, and then provide a good estimate of what it will take to dry the carpeting and how long the process will take. Wet carpet in San Diego is not the end of the world.  Unlike in decades past, it is often possible to salvage the carpeting and ensure that no damage is done to the underlying floor.  Before making plans to have the old carpeting ripped out, consult with a firm that is used to dealing with disaster recovery situations.  Doing so will make it easier to determine what can be done and how the cost of cleaning and drying the carpeting compares to the expense of replacement.