You’ve probably never thought about them, but you see them everywhere. There are so many different kinds of outdoor canopy tents, that you surely can find use for one of them – or many of them.

Gazebo Canopies
You’ve seen these in every big box garden and home improvement stores. They’re in the outdoor section and they usually have some expensive patio or lawn furniture under them. The set up looks like an outdoor living room. But without the canopy tent, all you’ve got is a bunch of furniture in your yard. Gazebo canopies look like gazebos. They’re sometimes fancy and sometime they’re a very plain structure, but they both add a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting. Think about how you could entertain in one. A backyard barbecue has now turned into a kind of classy night under the stars. Most of these types of canopies have sides that are screen-like. They can be closed if the bugs decide they want to join your party.

Shade Canopies
These are indispensable if you’ve got the perfect yard that has one flaw: It has no shade on a hot summer day. A shade canopy can be used over your existing patio or deck, or even out by the pool. They can make the difference between enjoying your yard in the summer or hiding inside where there’s air conditioning.

Garden Canopies
Just like we need shade, so do some of the plants in your garden. Again, if your yard gets a lot of sun and you don’t have much, or any, shelter from it, a garden canopy can be a big help. So many plants need at least a little break from the sun. This type of outdoor canopy tent can be easily moved around the yard depending on where you need it.

Animal Canopies
There really is an outdoor canopy tent for everything! Don’t forget your furry friends. Your pets absolutely need plenty of water as well as a shady place to rest when it’s warm outside. Animal canopies can be small or large. They come in smaller sizes for your dogs and cats to larger sizes for your livestock like horses and sheep.

When you need shade, there are so many options for your yard. Don’t hide away all summer because it’s too hot outside. Get out and enjoy it. Enjoy it in the shade of an outdoor canopy tent.