For car owners, there is no pain in the wallet quite like the infamous transmission rebuild. The transmission is a large, important and expensive piece of the drive train, second in importance only to the engine, and a rebuild will require extensive labor and quite a few parts. Still, a rebuild is cheaper than a new transmission, and it can help you to get a lot more miles out of your vehicle for a more reasonable expense.

What is a Transmission Rebuild?

A traditional rebuild involves basically taking the transmission off the car and inspecting every single part of it, replacing those parts that are worn or damaged, and then reattaching the transmission. The worn or damaged parts may be replaced with new parts or refurbished parts. If done correctly, a rebuild is designed to restore a transmission to near-perfect operating condition. Keeping in mind that a transmission contains a collection of gears, pumps, bands, rotors and other moving parts all working together, there is obviously a lot to inspect and potentially a lot to replace during a rebuild, so there is also a potential that things could be missed. The average rebuild is a time-consuming operation that should take about three to four days.

Benefits of a Rebuild

When done correctly, having a transmission rebuild is almost like getting a brand new transmission. An expert mechanic will go over every single part of a transmission and make sure that it is up to specifications, replacing those that are not. One could even argue that a rebuilt transmission is inspected even more closely than a new one. Many repair shops will offer quite generous warranties on transmission rebuilds, so there’s no concern over the transmission falling to pieces when it leaves the shop.

A rebuild takes less time than a replacement in most cases, too (when you figure in the time it takes to order and ship anew transmission). Best of all, the cost is considerably less than a new transmission, especially if you end up needing only a partial rebuild instead of a full one. In general, a car owner can expect to pay roughly half as much for a rebuild as they would for a new transmission.

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