When you drive your brand new car off the showroom floor, stop and have a good look at it; odds are you will never see it like this again. The moment you drive into traffic you are amongst other drivers that are subjected to their own situation, this may result in a simple fender bender or perhaps nothing worse than a dent. It’s fair to say that most car owners have left the mall parking lot with dents in their car that were not there when they drove in, door slams and the smallest of bumps happen all the time. These small dents can be eliminated of course by going to a body shop that does dent repair in Sacramento.

Depending on the size and location of the dent, there are a couple of ways to go about repairing it. If the dent is small enough it can be worked out in such a way that it will not have to be repainted but this approach works best on areas of the car body where the technician can have easy access to the reverse side of the dent. If the dent is on a fender for example or the hood, the technician can get to the reverse side and slowly but surely work the dent out a little at a time.

If the dent is on a door or other part of the body that is difficult to get to or if the dent is of such a size that it cannot be simply worked out, then the dent repair will normally call for the use of a substance called body filler. Body filler is a type of plastic material that fills the dent; the body mechanic then can smooth the body filler to the point where it is smooth and even with the cars surface. Once the surface is prepared and primed, it is then painted with a color that matches the rest of the cars color.

In theory popping out a dent in a body panel is not difficult although this is theory only; in most cases it actually is somewhat complicated. In theory, the dent can be popped out when the same force that put it there is applied, but in the opposite direction. Body panels on vehicles actually have a memory and all things being equal and opposite and equal force will pop the dent out; damage which is a little more extensive than a simple dent cannot be handled in the same manner.