People often don’t realize how essential their teeth are unless they end up losing them. Your teeth play a major role in helping you to chew and enjoy food. They can also make you look more attractive when you smile if they are maintained. If you are frustrated with your missing teeth, dental implants are effective tooth-replacement options that will enable you to eat and smile normally again.

What is a Dental Implant?
A dental implant is considered the best replacement for a tooth. Teeth implants essentially are artificial tooth roots that look like titanium screws. Your dentist will place a screw in your jaw, and a tooth cap known as a crown will be placed on top. Implants look exactly like your real teeth, so no one will ever notice the difference. With these devices, you can greet people and smile with a new level of confidence.

Why is a Dental Implant a Wise Choice?
Teeth implants are a solid choice, literally, because a dental implant fuses with your bone, so it will be permanent. Once implants are placed in your mouth, you’ll be able to speak and eat more comfortably than you could with dentures, which tend to move around easily. You also don’t have to deal with the oral discomfort often experienced when wearing removable dentures. In addition, unlike a dental bridge, dental implants are relatively easy to keep clean, therefore contributing to good long-term oral health. An implant can last your entire lifetime if you care for it properly.

What Else Should I Know about Dental Implants?
Before you get a dental implant, your dentist will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your mouth. Your gums should be healthy, and you need an adequate amount of bone to hold your implant as well. You’ll also need to commit to going to the dentist for regular cleanings in addition to brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once daily. The success rate for implants is as high as 98 percent, so you can be confident that your dental implant will meet your expectations—and even exceed them—if they are properly cared for.

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