Everyone loves the look of a beautifully landscaped yard or office location, but did you know that trees and plants have many other benefits besides being aesthetically pleasing? Whether indoors or outdoors, they are vital to us.

Most people plant things in their yard to make it look nice. There are so many different types of foliages, that every yard will look different. But while planting, realize you are doing more for the ecosystem than you may think.
* You’ll be purifying the air. A plant will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Trees remove pollutant gases like nitrogen oxides, ammonia, ozone and sulfur dioxide. They actually trap these elements on their bark and leaves.
* You’ll be preventing soil erosion. On slopes near rivers and streams, runoff is slowed and soil is held in place by things planted on those slopes.
* You’ll be reducing noise pollution. Surround your home in lush greens and you’ll be pleasantly surprised about how much quieter the traffic or the neighbors seem to be. You’ll also notice how much cooler it is around and in your house during the hot summer months.

Yes, of course they can make any room look nicer, but having plants indoors has many health benefits too.
* Breathing easier. People and plants are natural partners. People breath in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants, during photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
* Purifying air. Do you want to remove toxins from the air? Then put a plant or two or three in a room. In a room or office that is climate controlled, they can remove up to 87 percent of the volatile organic compounds present (think of formaldehyde that’s present in rugs, grocery bags and vinyl or benzene that’s found in inks … books or newspapers).
* Water release. Keeping a room humidified is important to keep respiratory issues away. Have a plant or two in every room can decrease the frequency of colds, coughs, dry skin and sore throats.

You can find lists of plant species that accomplish different things the most efficiently. You can also visit your local garden center for ideas that will not only make your yard look beautiful, but benefit the ecosystem too.

Contact Winterland Nursery or their website Winterlandnursery.com to find out more about plants and trees and their benefits. There you’ll find an extensive selection of trees, plants and flowers.