Going on a Traverse City Brewery Tour is a great opportunity to learn about what it takes to make one of your favorite beverages. There are a number of tours available that will allow you to be guided by a person that is directly involved with the production of a particular beer, which can include the head brewer or even the brewery owner. These individuals will be able to provide you with insight to the history, passion and culture that compose the product that you enjoy.

Some helpful dos and don’ts – especially if this is your first tour – are highlighted here.

Do call ahead.

You need to call ahead or check on the breweries webpage for available dates and times for a brewery tour and to make your reservations.

Do always be courteous.

If you have a sudden change of plans, be sure to call and let the brewery know. This is important for any type of reservation that you make.

Don’t be surprised if your date is not available.

You should not be surprised if there are no tours available, or if you have to wait on the weekends, especially during a holiday weekend. Keep in mind, brewery tours are extremely popular.

Do always be polite.

You should be polite and also refrain from any conversation when the brewery representative is speaking. You should also remember that the production floor is not an actual gallery, the space can be extremely tight and there will likely be noise from the machinery in the background.

Do be respectful.

The fact is that the person that is on the tour with you may be completely captivated by the tour. Don’t make comments if you find it less than interesting. While each of the brewery tours are different, the same general information will be conveyed.

Do ask thoughtful questions.

Chances are the person who is conducting the tour loves beer just like you do, maybe even more, and may want to share their individual experiences and knowledge that they have gained during their time in the industry. When you ask questions, you may find out some extremely interesting information.

A beer tour is a great way to spend the day, or the afternoon. With the list of dos and don’ts found here, you can be sure that you, as well as others on the tour, have a great experience.

When you are ready to go on a Brewery tour in Traverse City, visit the Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours website for more information.