No matter where you go, whether it’s Rhode Island or anywhere else in the country, speed dating can seem like a chore. It feels like you’re doing it because it’s the only way to date on your schedule and meet enough people to weed your way through the duds and find that one shining star. What if you could walk into a room that was all stars, have a good time meeting every one, and bask in the glow around you? That’s what speed dating should be and not a trudge through all of the people that you never wanted to meet just to meet a few that you do.

Throw Away the Rule Book
The rules about speed dating are usually pretty much the same. You sit down in your spot and then others sit across from you for an agreed upon period of time, the round ends, and the next date begins. During that short time you converse with each blind date and attempt to find out if they’re worth getting to know any further. You’re looking for a spark, or maybe even love at first sight, and you’re often disappointed. This isn’t because * speed dating never works, it’s because you’re doing it with all the wrong people. Throw away that rule book that says that every speedy date has to be completely blind and get a little information before the first bell ever sounds.
* Speed dating can be specialized. Look for themes and groups centered around interests like yours.
* Utilize social media to find speed dating sessions that might draw in people that share your hobbies or that you’ll have plenty to talk about in the allotted time.
* Online dating and other services often organize speed dating events that will bring together like minded people. Find out if the one that you use does such a thing.
* Your alma mater or the college that you still attend may have speed dating events to bring together people who enjoy similar interests. That cute girl in your English Lit class or the guy that you remember from Poli Sci could be the next person sitting across you at speed dating.
* Your favorite bar or restaurant could bring in people that like the same things that you like. The fans of your favorite sports team or the others that like to shoot billiards could all be coming together to speed date at the next event.
The rules don’t have to apply to every speed dating event. Throw them away and you might find exactly what you’re looking for several times over.

Find Your Perfect Speed Dating Session
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