As SEO is becoming more and more content centric, there are certain trends that your business cannot afford to ignore. There is no question that Google is continually changing the game when it comes to SEO; however, when you are prepared and aware of the trends, this will not hurt your site as much as others. In addition to seeking the help of a professional service offering Search Engine Marketing in Minneapolis, understanding the trends here will help to increase your ranking.

Content Marketing Efforts

There is no question that you have to continue offering relevant and valuable content that will keep your target audience engaged. The studies performed have shown that businesses need to take a more professional, organized and strategic approach to content marketing to continue being relevant today.

The bottom line is that with the recent hummingbird update by Google, marketers are being forced to take content more seriously than ever before. This actually means that the keywords alone are not all that your website has to focus on, but it delivering focused content is necessary on each page. The freshness and length of your content is going to matter more and more. If you have stale content, this is a sign that your site has become inactive. In order for you to gain quality backlinks you will have to have quality content posted on a regular basis.

OAO is Becoming Mainstream

Online audience optimization (OAO) is here and there are a number of marketers who believe it may begin to replace good ole SEO. This is basically optimizing your content with the user intent the main focus instead of simply the rankings that you receive in the search engines. This is a new way of using SEO that involves only high quality content and a number of other user friendly SEO efforts, as well as engagement mechanics, branding and social media for optimizing your loyal and targeted audience.

The fact is that the latest trends with SEO are ones that will continue to develop and evolve. While SEO is definitely not dead, it is continually evolving, creating new ways to ensure that your website is found. If you want to remain relevant, it is crucial that you stay abreast of the latest developments in order to take advantage of all they have to offer.

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