With the huge selection of shutters, shades and curtains available, you may become overwhelmed when choosing the best Window Treatment in Houston‏ for your space. Shades or café curtains? Drapes or blinds? One of the biggest factors you should consider when selecting a window treatment for your space is if you want light or privacy – or for some, both. Some tips to help you find the right window treatments for your home are highlighted here.

Semisheer Treatments

These are ideal for a living room where you do not require very much privacy. However, depending on the number of windows that are present, you may want to ensure that natural light is always coming in. Natural light will help to brighten the space, and this is exactly what is offered by a sheisheer treatment.

Cellular Shades

Bathrooms, especially those that are on the first level of your home, will need to have a superior level of privacy. A cellular shade, which is also called a top down and bottom up shad allows you to walk in the space without anyone seeing you from outside. The best part is that it is designed to allow plenty of natural light in while ensuring maximum privacy.


If you have a bedroom that is on the first floor of your home, it will typically need much more privacy than a bedroom that is on a higher level; however, you may want natural light in both of these spaces. Draperies offer a contemporary option that covers the window from floor to ceiling, creating a space with privacy and light.

Roller Shades

No matter if you have a bathroom on the second or first floor, if you have neighbors that are situated close to your house, you will want a good amount of privacy. The roller shade is extremely easy to install and it is also perforated, which will allow a source of natural light to filter into the space.

The fact is that there are countless window treatment options to choose from for your home. When you consider the options here, you can make an educated decision regarding the best option for your home. Do not hesitate to call in a professional’s opinion if necessary, since they will be able to provide you with professional advice regarding your space.

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