If you’ve ever wanted or needed to hang something on a wall, chances are a panel-clip might have been able to make the process easier. These versatile aluminum clips, often known as z-clips, can be used to hang almost anything. You may see them used in commercial or residential applications, by contractors and homeowners alike.

How Panel-clips Work

Panel-clips, for being so incredibly useful, are also incredibly simple to use. The idea is to attach one z-shaped clip to the wall and another to the object that you want to hang on the wall. Once you place the object on the wall and line up the clips, the weight of the hanging object will push the two clips together, locking the object in place and securing it to the wall. The major advantage to this process is speed. You can pre-set the clips on the wall and the objects to be hung (as long as you measure precisely), and then installation goes very quickly. This is particularly handy on construction sites, where time is money for contractors. The other great thing about panel clips is that they allow hung objects to be removed just as easily. To remove something hung on a panel-clip, you need only to lift and pull it away from the wall.

Uses for Panel-clips

The most common use for aluminum panel-clips is for hanging panels, such as acoustical panels or room partitions. They are also often used for hanging cabinets, frames, mirrors or heavy artwork. You might also see a panel-clip used to hold up signs or larger photos. The secret behind the versatility of panel clips is that they are so very strong, allowing heavy objects to be supported by them, but they are still comparatively small, so they can be used on smaller objects, too.

Types of Panel-clips

Panel-clips tend to come in 2 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch lengths, although they can be custom made to other lengths. They can be punched or un-punched, and they can be smooth or pleated. They are sold in a variety of quantities, from 20 at a time up to 1,000 at a time.

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