When choosing where to take your animal for simple cleanings or emergencies, it is difficult to know where is the best place to take them. Should you take them to your regular vet or should you go to the nearby veterinary hospital? Here are a few ways to help you decide which would be a better choice.

Is It An Emergency?

This is the biggest decision as to where to take your animal. If your animal has been seriously injured or appears to be sick in a way that you can’t figure out, then the vet hospital is your best choice. Furthermore, most animal hospitals are available 24 hours while most vets’ offices are only open during normal business hours. If you fear for your animal’s life or possible permanent injury if your pet doesn’t get medical attention quickly, then a vet hospital is your best choice. Always err on the side of caution in these cases. Making sure that your animal is well is going to be the most important thing.

Are There Other Reasons for Going to the Hospital?

Yes, vet hospitals, much like human hospitals, are there for more serious injuries and operations. So if your animal needs hip surgery, or anything that requires an overnight observation, a veterinary hospital is where you should take your animal. They are ready for emergencies, but they are also available to make sure that you, and your animal have a low-stress experience while a procedure is being performed.

Should I Just Go to a Vet Hospital for Every Pet Issue?

Most vet hospitals are for animals that need immediate care as well as observation. They need to have surgery or help with serious medical issues. A vet’s office is to a much greater degree for routine care. In addition, it’s an opportunity for you and your animal to get to know your vet, so they can better diagnose any issues your pet may have. With a vet hospital, they will not usually do teeth cleaning, vaccinations, or any of the simple procedures that are done in a vet’s office. The vet’s office is for less serious issues, and for routine and basic care.

It is a good idea to take your animal to a veterinary hospital in an emergency, but it is not a catchall for services. A vet’s office is a better place for simple illnesses or mild injuries as well as preventative care of your animal. Knowing the differences of these two establishments can save time and money for any pet owner. When in doubt, refer to your personal veterinarian and let him know your concerns, he or she will surely point you in the right direction. For more information visit Western Veterinary Group