There are many types of roofing material available, but some materials more commonly recommended in the Carmel area than others. The factors to consider when selecting a roofing material include the actual cost of the materials, labor, and future maintenance. When those items are examined, shingles are generally the best option. However, there are different types of shingles to consider. Experts providing Roofing in Carmel work with homeowners to select the best option for each application.

For years, traditional three-tab shingles have been the most commonly selected roofing option for area homes. In the past, there were few other shingle options. While several color options were available, the look of the shingles was pretty uniform, with no real variety in hue over the entire roof surface. Today, that has changed, with companies like Owens Corning offering three-tab shingles that provide variations in hue, giving homes more intriguing looks.

The biggest single advantage of traditional three-tab shingles has always been cost. The material is less expensive than other options, and the cost of installation is relatively low. However, maintenance costs can be higher, as entry level shingles are less able to withstand heavy winds or hail damage. Homeowners should compare all costs and benefits before selecting a roofing product.

Other options for Roofing in Carmel are better able to withstand weather events, but their cost puts off some homeowners. Architectural and specialty shingle varieties not only withstand the elements more effectively than traditional three-tab shingles, they also look better and last longer. Of course, those advantages come with a price. However, when all factors are considered, the higher initial cost is generally minor when durability and lifespan are considered. The better quality shingle options also add a unique look to roofs that less expensive options cannot match. Their texture mimics the look of wood shakes, providing a feel that is difficult to match.

Whether minor maintenance issues need to be addressed, or the entire roof needs to be replaced, contacting an area professional like Amos Exteriors Inc of Carmel is the first step. The professionals will review your needs and offer advice to help resolve any roofing need.