Many people these days are missing some of their natural teeth. This can be an embarrassing condition, especially when you are missing teeth in the front of your mouth. If you have this issue, there is Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon IL. This surgery can replace your teeth permanently so you can finally have a beautiful and fully functioning smile. Since this procedure takes place in two parts, most people are curious about what they can expect. This is why it is important to fully research this procedure and learn all you can.

The first part of your procedure will involve Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon IL. You will need to have metal anchors placed in your jawbone so they can later act as tooth roots. These anchors often resemble metal screws or pins. They are drilled into the bone, where they begin to bond with the bone tissue. Once bonding has taken place, the anchors are a permanent part of your jawbone, and are able to function just like your natural teeth roots.

This is important because it allows for the normal function of your teeth. If the roots were not bonded with the bone, your artificial teeth would easily come loose or become damaged when you tried to eat. This bonding process normally takes between three and six months to be fully accomplished. Until this is complete, you will not be able to receive your new teeth.

Today’s dental implants are more natural-looking and perform better than ever before. They can fully complete your smile so you have normal function again. Unless you choose to tell, no one will even know you have had work done since these teeth look just like your own.

If you are in need of Oral Surgery in Mount Vernon IL, contact The Center For Jaw and Facial Surgery P.C. They will be happy to schedule you with a consultation appointment so you can learn whether or not this surgical procedure will benefit your smile. Through dental implants, you can finally have the smile you have been missing so you can regain your confidence.