There is a huge buzz around smart homes. It seems so convoluted and overwhelming, and people often prefer the simple and straightforward. But smart homes are oddly simple and straightforward because they tend to automate living. This is a rather simple thing to consider. A smart home has technology that does things without needing to be manually done. For a quick example, a clap will turn the lights off. This does not require a switch of the lights. Better yet, an announcement of ‘turn off the TV” will, well, turn off the television. This is a smart home in a nutshell.

What is home automation?

Ligonier’s Best Home Automation is the idea of implementing technology so aspects of home living can run on their own. The above examples shed some light on home automation, but it can go further. A single hub can control a lot of the features of a home. Lights can go on at7pmand be timed to do so every day. The garage can automatically open on a consistent schedule, among other things. Home automation is technology that automates home living.

What is Ligonier’s Best Home Automation?

This same logic can be applied directly to a home speaker and system set-up. These processes can be scheduled and allow a user to rely less on that ever-important remote control. Verbal announcements could be made to do activations with the screen. A central hub could change the volume in various rooms, adjust the audio source, or to adjust the volume on a timed schedule. For example, the volume automatically lowers at9pmto accommodate, perhaps, the early bedtime of a family member.

What are some features of speaker automation?

Whole home audio is one of the more popular implementations of audio automation. It includes a number of features, such as music integration. For example, the main hub can pull music from a computer library in another room. The system can be placed on a schedule, and audio controls can be maintained on this schedule or adjusted with a simple click of a button. It is like taking the activities of a remote control and streamlining them, while also expanding it through the entire home. It is the next ground breaking step to making the home a full bodied source of entertainment. Visit for more details.

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