The United States Postal Service (USPS) provides companies and businesses with numerous software programs to help you conduct your mailing business in the best way possible. From verifying physical and electronic mail addresses to detailed destination reports, the wide range of USPS Software Solutions is sure to bring more ease and accuracy to your business’s mailing procedures.

For Small to Medium-Sized Mailing Business

For companies that do not have to deal with bulk mailing processes, USPS extends various tools, such as DAT mail software. With DAT, companies can validate clients’ mailing addresses, edit client address information, and view the delivery process with high-quality efficiency. Both physical and electronic mailing addresses can be tracked with this software, and detailed information such as postage, freight, and statement reports can be accessed.

For Large-Sized Mailing Business

Bulk mailing procedures can be a bit overwhelming, and any errors can result in larger inefficiencies for your company. USPS provides a software called Post Master, which maintains your company’s mailing address database records while keeping a running log of mailing statistics, such as permits, mailing reports, and postage statements.

Other USPS Software

There are quite a number of other USPS Software Solutions available to your company, one being Tag Master, which quickly creates sack tags, pallet cards, and tray tags as needed. Using list processors and mail files, this software prints and cuts tags for your company’s mail and packages. A presorting option is also a part of this software.
USPS’s Drop Ship software is ideal for companies working directly in transportation, as it provides up-to-date and detailed destination information. This feature reduces the occurrence of mistaken routes or delivery delays. Any errors that may result from manually organizing your client mailing database are banished as a stamp and meter manager works for you.

An address validation software service is crucial for companies that want to increase their mailing performance, as the USPS keeps a record of your clients’ addresses for optimal delivery service. The software can detect any clients who have changed their mailing addresses, and the appropriate steps are then taken, providing the client notified the USPS or not. Also, clients whose addresses are unmatched with the USPS’s current information will also be recorded with this software.

Save Your Resources With USPS Software Solutions

The different USPS software solutions will save your company time, money, and additional resources in the short and long term. The ease of using the software eliminates any guesswork on your part and ensures top-notch service to your clients.

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