Most auto-owners tend to ignore small cracks or chips in their car windshield or side and back windows. As with anything pertaining to a vehicle, drivers assume that fixing even the smallest detail will cost too much money to even bother. A common way of thinking is that such damage is nothing but an annoying blemish. But ignoring even the smallest crack in auto glass can mean big trouble later on. A chip in glass threatens the structural integrity of the windshield as well as the vehicle’s body. When the damage is small, it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to fix by auto glass pros. They usually fill it in with a resin for about $20-$60, which for many, is not much for piece of mind.

However, a full windshield or window replacement might be necessary if the crack expands. And if left alone for too long, it’s almost guaranteed to expand. Most experts suggest that if the damage is smaller than a credit card, the glass can be saved. The replacement of large auto glass, such as the windshield, can cost anywhere between $150-300 (more for large and luxury vehicles). Car insurance companies usually don’t get involved unless the deductible on the policy is set very low.

Neglecting even the smallest damage in the windshield can prompt a police officer to issue a ticket due to safety concerns. The cost of the citation can be as high as the repair itself. Finding a reputable auto glass expert is imperative. There are quite a few choices in Auto Glass Repair Seaford, Long Island. It’s important to find a shop that offers lifetime warranty on its services and only hires AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards) – certified technicians.

Instead of looking to large dealerships in the area, it is often recommend to look for small business auto shops such as Active Auto Glass for Auto Glass Repair Seaford. The pricing is usually much more affordable and service more personable. Also, the smaller auto shops are more likely to offer free mobile repair services, so the client doesn’t have to drive to the shop.
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