Aluminum bars have value in their production. Instead of being a finished product, an aluminum bar is more of an intermediate step, a form that aluminum is processed into before it reaches its final shape and form. With this in mind, aluminum bar can eventually be processed into quite a variety of different products.

Creating a Bar of Aluminum
The most popular method for creating bars of aluminum is call extrusion. This involves taking a large lump of aluminum called a billet, heating it and forcing it through a smaller, shaped die under intense pressure. What comes out the other end is a long line of material in whatever shape you want, in this case a bar that can be cut to whatever length you want.

There are other processes that can shape aluminum into bars too, such as rolling and coiling, with the final piece being pressed and cut into the desired bar shape. Molten aluminum can also be drawn and cast into bars.

Types of Aluminum Bars
Aluminum bars can be classified by their shape or by how they were made. Shapes can include flat bar, round bar or square bar. The process by which they were made can be part of their description, as in the case of extruded aluminum flat bar or cast aluminum square bar. Different alloys can be used to make aluminum bar, but 6061 is one of the most preferred.

Uses for Aluminum Bars
Aluminum bars are rarely a finished product themselves. They are more like the lump of clay that the artist turns into a fine piece of art. In this case, the art will turn out to be much more functional and the artistry involves boring, trimming and machining.

Products made from aluminum bar can include rather complicated pieces like manifolds, fixtures and couplings. Other products can be very simple, like rivets, screws and nails. There are also applications for this type of aluminum in the power transmission industry, where aluminum can be used to made power lines, poles and brackets.

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