When you choose a product with zinc alkaline plating, you can feel confident that you are receiving a high quality product that will be superiorly resistant to corrosion. The plating process that is used by most modern providers utilizes an advanced technology that ensures better than normal results. One of the most notable features of the modern processes that are used regarding zinc alkaline is that they are able to provide a much higher level of corrosion protection and resistance without causing excessive thickness.

It is important to carefully consider the application of the part and how it will work within your equipment or industry. This will help you to determine if the zinc alkaline plating is the right solution for your particular needs. More information about zinc alkaline plating can be found here.

Visual Aesthetics of Zinc Alkaline Plating

The deposits of zinc alkaline plating are typically completely clear, consist of fine grains and are completely burn free, which is true even when the density is high. Additionally, the deposits are usually very bright, which will resemble the brightness that is achieved with an acid chloride zinc deposit.

Another impressive feature of zinc alkaline plating is the fact that it will provide a zero stress type of deposit. There are a number of specialized additives, which have been created with the purpose of eliminating concern for any type of latent blistering because of the electrolyte.

The Passivation Process

The passivation process is an original one that provides a protective type of post-plating treatment for the zinc alkaline deposits. It is important to realize that this process is based completely on the trivalent chrome compounds, which have been used along with the nanoparticle technology. When this is applied properly, the film will have a self-healing characteristic, which will add even more protection regarding corrosion.

This passivate ensures that a protective, bright and uniform film is applied to the electro-deposited zinc surface. The film color will vary somewhat, dependent on the deposit type that it is applied over. The alkaline non-cyanide zinc deposits are typically a bit less pearlescent once completed.

Benefits of the Zinc Alkaline Plating

There are a number of benefits offered by zinc alkaline plating, which include the following:

* Provide the extraordinary benefit of being able to achieve a high/low distribution of thickness that is better than 2:1.
* Offers a superior level of throwing power.
* The low current option of density plating offers a minimum thickness requirement without having to deal with extra thickness in the high current density locations.

When you begin searching for products that are corrosive resistant, then you should consider ones with zinc alkaline plating. This is because the process offers superior protective benefits when compared to other corrosion protection methods.