Water management services have become increasingly popular as the use of technology has become more widespread. More property owners are depending on water management services to take the burden of water management off of their shoulders in a timely and professional manner. Since this is the case, you too may be considering the use of such a company. The following are a few basics to look for before making your final decision.

Online Access

In this day and age, your first prerequisite should be a strong online presence. Check a company’s reviews for reputation and integrity. Its website should be clear and concise, outlining its services and policies. Having this information online gives you the ability to track your account while on the go. It should also have helpful energy tips and current information that pertains to you. This shows that the company is current and cares about your needs.

Service Variety

Secondly, make sure that the company you choose for water management services is offering a variety of services that you may need. Typically, the company should provide the installation of meters in case you decide to do submetering. This will actually save energy and costs. It is also helpful if the company handles the treatment of water. This will prevent you from contracting a separate company if water treatment is ever needed. Another service must-have would be information analysis, because merely collecting data is never enough: You need to know what the information means. If there are any problems, the water management company should be able to alert you immediately. Billing is another very important issue that should be covered. When the company is able to do tenant billing for you, this will give you additional freedom in the event that checking the meters yourself is not possible.

Flexible Payment Options

The third very important factor is having flexible payment options. You will want a company who does not limit you in your ability to pay. They should accept checks and credit card payments, at least Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. You will also want to make online payments without physically going into a brick and mortar location. This will save you transportation costs and travel time. Although this is rare, it would be exceptional if the water management services company would also accept echecks online too. This would give you the free range of payments so that finding a way to pay your bill would never be a struggle.

Clearly using water management services is a choice that could save any property owner or manager time, money, and energy. Be certain that you find one that provides simple online information, a variety of services and flexible payment options, and you will be well on your way.