A woman knows when she doesn’t feel well. It is very frustrating when doctors tell her that everything is fine. When she can’t eat very much, they just tell her that she’s nervous and prescribe mood stabilizers and antacids. After a year of complaining, her doctor finally decides to perform a pelvic ultrasound. He discovers that she has Stage 4 ovarian cancer. Because she had many of the classic symptoms of ovarian cancer she decides to hire one of the Medical Malpractice Lawyers Tucson. Had her cancer been properly diagnosed, she would have had a better chance of survival. Now she’s been told that she has probably less than a year to live.

She is the family’s breadwinner and her husband is a stay-at-home father. Without her income, her family will have a hard time surviving financially. It’s uncertain that her children will be able to afford college. They definitely have to be put into daycare, while their father returns to work. Medical Malpractice Lawyers Tucson can file a claim for damages with the doctor’s insurance company. They will show that he should have understood her symptoms and taken them more seriously. Click here for more details.

The lawyer will look at the woman’s expected earnings over her lifetime. He will ask that the insurance company reimburse the family for these lost wages. He will also look at the pain and suffering that the children and father face, as well as the dying woman. Everyone in the family has had their life turned upside down. The woman will have the peace of mind that her family is financially stable.

However, the insurance company decides to fight the lawsuit, because they believe the doctor wasn’t negligent. The lawyer brought in several medical experts to counter this and the insurance company settled the lawsuit out of court. Patients who think they have been the victims of medical malpractice can contact the Clausen Moore Law Firm. They are one of the firms in the area that take this kind of case. They will not charge a fee to review a person’s case. If they take the case, their fees will come out of any settlement they win for their client.