If you live in Houston, you may have heard the term “mud-jacking.” This is more likely if you have a home that has experienced foundation issues. It is one of several terms that refers to a specific process concerning foundation repair. If the mud-jacking term did not come up, probably the technician or civil engineer used the words concrete leveling service.

What Is a Concrete Leveling Service?

To a student or practitioner of civil engineering, the term concrete leveling refers to a procedure undertaken by foundation repair companies. It involves them working to correct the irregular concrete deflections caused by settling This can be done as an inexpensive alternative to replacing the entire slab and can be performed on all types of structures, including residences, condos, and commercial buildings. A concrete leveling service fulfills this function in places such as Houston, TX.

What Does it Involve?

The procedure to accomplish this may vary, but a concrete leveling service may involve one common method, called mud-jacking. In this procedure, a company combines the right amounts of soil and cement, typically 2 1/2 bags of concrete to one yard of topsoil. This mixture is then pumped through several holes that have been drilled into the concrete, or through channels that have been dug from the exterior. The mud mixture fills the empty spots under the concrete that are creating the uneven surface upon which the structures lie. As a result, the slabs of concrete are lifted back into their original position, thus becoming more level.

Among the many variations on this theme are the following:
* Concrete Raising
* Foam Leveling
* Pressure Grouting
* Poly-jacking
* Slab-jacking
* Sand-jacking

The Benefits of a Concrete Leveling Service

In Houston, the benefits of having a concrete leveling service are well known to many homeowners. They consist of the following:

* Cost: It can be up to anywhere from 30%-70% less that of concrete replacement.
* No Demolition is required.
* Landscaping: There is minimal landscape disruption during the process.
* Environmentally-friendly: More so than concrete replacement.
* Sealing: The process will seal any cracks or joints.
* Time: The process can take as little as 8 hours, allowing for same day usage.
* Preventive: Can prevent further and future settling of the concrete.

Mud-jacking is not always the best solution for homeowners in Houston with foundation problems. In some instances, a concrete leveling service can actually be a bad idea. It will not repair or counter certain foundation issues. Before you decide on this process, make sure you contact someone who is an expert in this area. They can provide you with the information so you can make an informed decision.

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