The 4K Ultra HD Television is 4 times clearer than regular HD for a more vibrant and life-like picture. It has the newest technology and the widest colour spectrum available in a television to date. It comes in sizes ranging from the smallest version at 48.5 inches, to the flagship model that is 84.5 inches diagonally. A screen like that deserves to be surrounded by a completely customized home theater. Even the smallest sized 4K Ultra HD Television would be a great centrepiece for a new home theater. You can accompany it with a 4K Ultra HD media player at prices lower than you would expect to pay.

A home theater is not out of reach for any budget or any size house. Okay, sure, if money was no object, everyone would opt for the flagship model with invisible in-wall speakers and a few rows of leather recliners with cup holders. You may not be able to afford that home theater, but you can afford a home theater if you can find the right place to customize it for you with a low price guaranty. Many televisions are available, as are a variety of speaker options. Tower, bookshelf and wall mounted speakers are available. Sound bars, wireless speakers, and outdoor ones are also available at low prices. Home theater speakers can be installed in the walls and in the ceiling as well. Financing is available to you through a few different sources if you want to consider that.

The perfect home theater would also include things like lighting controls, built-in equipment racks and whole house audio. Accessories, like a popcorn or cotton candy machine, would be fun and convenient for snacking while you watch your favourite movie with your friends or family. Look into automating the entire house while you are in the process of getting your home theater delivered and installed. Then you would be able to control everything electronic with one device. How nice it would be not to keep tracking down half a dozen remote. Customized systems can also be designed for your vehicle, including sound systems, back seat DVD players and automatic car starters. Visit our website for more details.