The appearance of a business, facility or residence, can be dramatically altered by the installation of decorative flooring. Whether it is a shop floor, office building, showroom, hall way or ballroom, the flooring can do wonders to alter the personality of the room. While maintaining an attractive appearance is important, there are other considerations to be made when choosing the type of materials which are used. Making the best selection also includes paying attention to how well the flooring will hold up within the environment. Detailed below you’ll find some tips on choosing the most suitable types of decorative flooring.

Consider the Amount of Traffic

The amount of foot traffic will have an impact upon how well the flooring and its finishes will hold up. If the flooring is intended for a business which has a high volume of foot traffic then it is best to choose an option that will maintain the brightness, color and design clarity under conditions of heavy wear. The type of protective sealant used should also be a subject of consideration. Industrial areas which are subject to frequent tours or visiting guests may wish to consider an option such as concrete with a decorative epoxy flooring finish. Lower traffic areas will provide you with a wider range of options. The addition of runners along high traffic areas in some cases is a viable solution for protecting the integrity of the flooring.

Style, Theme and Appearance

When trying to achieve a beautiful decorative flooring style using an epoxy finish, there are several great choices available to you. Epoxy lends itself to amazing effects from mixing colors together. The use of several different colors may be used to form unique and appealing designs. Another popular solution is the use of color flakes added to the epoxy. Ideal for use in high traffic spots and areas which are subjected to high impacts, corrosive chemicals, extremes of cold or heat, and other environmental harshness, Epoxy coatings are among the best choices for decorative flooring as they are durable and efficiently maintain the integrity of the floor’s brightness and color over time. Epoxy also has a non-slip quality which provides for safer walking and working surfaces.

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