Choosing the right type of load cell depends upon the application in which it will be used. Understanding the basic principle of how they work makes the most logical choice appear more clearly. Those with limited knowledge and experience benefit from consultation with professional firms which specialize in commercial weighing systems.

Load Cells Explained

Load cells also known as weight cells are used to convert the load acting on it into an output which is measurable with the output being proportional to the load or force which is applied. This is the basic principle involved in commercial scale systems. Strain gauges are bonded onto the load cell and they are connected into a bridge circuit which uses a precision monitor. Bond-able resistors are used to compensate for temperature variations on the zero signal and the sensitivity of the output. The circuit is excited by a direct current supply which can range between 1Vdc and 18Vdc, but is more commonly at 5Vdc or 10Vdc. The bridge circuit provides the platform for the application of stress to the strain gauges that provides an output signal which is equal to the stress value. In short, the strain gauge load cells convert the load into signals which cause the end result of weight measurement in a technical and accurate combination of processes.

Compression Load Cells and Their Applications

Compression or tension load cells are used for a variety of different applications in which the load being measured can move from compression to tension and tension to compression. They are best used in tight areas which are limited on the amount of space that can be used. Compression load cells feature threaded ends which make them easy to install in areas where movement may be limited.

Some of the most common applications for compression load cells are in the railway and trucking industries. They provide highly accurate results for the scales used for weighing trucks, tankers, boxcars, silos and other heavier types of industrial weighing. They may be customized to hold up and perform accurately under harsh environmental conditions and in the presence of harmful substances. This makes them ideal for use in the petroleum and chemical industries.

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