When drinking water each day, you may be doing your body good while unintentionally harming yourself and other people in the process. This is true for those who drink water from plastic bottles. It is for this reason that glass bottles are becoming increasingly popular, with etched water bottles particularly taking center stage.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are so damaging to humans because they contain a chemical called Bisphenol A, or BPA, which is used to make the bottle clear and hard. Unfortunately, this chemical has been linked to many health problems, such as some cancers, early female puberty, reduced female fertility, neurological difficulties and even birth defects or premature labor. Plastic bottles also feature phthalates, chemicals that can cause tumors or abnormality in the testicles and have other reproductive impacts. Due to these types of concerns, glass water bottles are an alternative preferred by many.

Why Glass?

Glass bottles offer a plethora of advantages over plastic bottles, with one being that water in glass bottles are known to taste better. This is because metals and plastic can alter how your drink tastes, while glass does not do this. Furthermore, glass is an inert material, which means it is fabricated from materials that are all-natural. As a result, no chemicals are leached from glass bottles as they are from their plastic counterparts.

Why Etching?

Etching is a unique way to personalize a glass bottle, thus helping you to showcase your personality while also helping the environment. You can include clear text on the etched glass water bottle that will help to identify it as yours. The etching process visually softens glass and sharpens your bottle’s custom image. Frosted bottles are particularly pleasant to touch in addition to be visually pleasing.

Etching offers several benefits, such as making your bottle visually appealing and making the image you want to appear on your bottle be more visible. The etching also provides a better grip of the bottle. A quality company can help you create an etched glass water bottle that can easily make quenching your thirst more enjoyable on a daily basis.

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