The US Federal Government is responsible for administering Social Security, a program that provides monetary benefits to those who have reached the minimum age for retirement and those who suffer from a physical or mental disability. A disability claim lawyer in New York is a practicing legal professional who helps clients who are in the process of making their initial claim for benefits, more often however they are hired by the applicant when his or her initial claim is denied. The current statistics tend to support the belief that about 70 percent of all applications for Social Security disability benefits are denied, leaving the applicant no other choice but to appeal the decision.

It would be rare for an application for disability benefits to be approved without sufficient supporting date and information to prove to the administration that the applicant is truly unable to work and earn a living. Upon receipt by the administration an application is subjected to thorough scrutiny and review, the objective is to determine if the claim is valid. To be eligible for benefits the administration takes into account the medical history and work history of the applicant, without sufficient work credits or if substantiating information is sketchy the application will not be accepted. A disability claim lawyer in New York is well aware of the rules, regulations and laws that surround the system and based on past experience the lawyer knows what the administration is looking for in the way of information. The lawyer can assist and guide their client, helping them prove their disability and getting the benefits.

A disability claims lawyer in New York knows exactly what the claims process consists of but in many cases the applicant for benefits will not hire a lawyer until such time as the application is denied. Once the lawyer is involved he or she will immediately file a motion for review in an attempt to have the initial decision overturned. Should this fail, and it often does, the lawyer and the disabled client will meet with an administrative law judge to argue the case. At this time the applicant will have an opportunity to submit additional proof to substantiate all the facts previously presented as well as to present additional evidence or testimony that will further prove the assertion. If need be the disabled applicant and the lawyer can bring expert medical and occupational experts in to provide substantiating testimony.