If you are involved in a car accident, regardless of what you think about the seriousness or lack of it you must involve the police. The police must be called to the scene and document their findings in a report. If you are capable of moving around, while you are still at the scene try to get statements from any witnesses to the accident, using your cell phone take pictures of the vehicles, their position, any skid marks, the condition of the road, etc. You will have to report the accident to your insurance company and depending on the seriousness; you may also be well advised to contact a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale.

The importance of the police accident report cannot be overemphasized. While at the scene of the accident the responding officer will document the details and provide you with a copy of his or her report. If the other driver was at fault and you have difficulties in getting a reasonable settlement you will have to hire a car accident attorney and sue for your rightful compensation. The police report will form the foundation for the claim.

As well as getting the police involved you will have to contact your insurance company as soon after the incident as possible. Your insurance company will want all the details including the date and time, the location of the accident, the names of everyone involved including any passengers in your car and everyone in the other car as well. If there were any injuries they must be documented.

When you are a victim of any accident you must look forward, it may very well turn out that the only way you can get adequate compensation is by suing the other driver. If it reaches this point the more data and evidence that you have to support your claim the better. When you were still at the scene talking to witnesses try to get them to make a signed statement of what they observed. Note everything that you can think of; note the speed you were traveling, were you conversing at the time with someone else in the car? All of this type of background support will be of great help to your attorney.

It may be that it will be your insurance company that covers your medical bills and repairs or replaces your car. If you suffered serious injuries which caused a great deal of pain and suffering or you lost a great deal of time at work you will be well served by hiring a car accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale.