Farm ponds seem to attract migrating geese more than anywhere else. While migrating geese are gorgeous to look at, but they tend to leave an unsightly mess behind. Property owners will want to call in some form of Geese removal in Columbus OH, to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. Farm ponds tend to attract geese because of their open surroundings and the fact that it is easier for them to find food. However, the droppings in and around the pond can be unhealthy for you and anyone else who walks near the pond.

Below you will find some tips to help you with Geese removal in Columbus OH, by making your pond less attractive to a gaggle of migrating geese.

Clean up the Area

Geese will find the area less attractive if the grass is mowed around the pond. Cutting down the cover of the grass removes the food source for the geese making them go elsewhere for a food source.

Enclose Your Pond

Putting a fence around your pond will make it less likely that geese will land there. You can also plant vegetation outside of the fence, which will make it even less likely for geese to decide to nest there.

Apply Chemical Repellent

Chemical repellents placed around the pond will make the food sources taste nasty to the geese, and they will star avoiding the pond altogether. This is said to be one of the most effective forms of Geese removal in Wildlife Control Company. These repellents are not meant to kill the geese, only to drive them away from your farm pond.

Harass the Geese

You can harass the geese and scare them into going away as well. You can use everything from motion detector sprinklers to flying balloons with streamers to scare the geese away from your pond.

These are just a few tips that Animal control professionals will suggest for getting rid of geese on your farm pond. From applying chemical repellent to cleaning up the area, following these tips should have you seeing far fewer geese on your property in the months to come.

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