For the person who is wearing braces, daily oral care is usually more than just a simple brushing. The individual wearing braces finds that it is necessary to stand patiently in front of the mirror cleaning each brace individually. Most dentists will suggest to their patients that they have fitted with Chicago braces that they should attempt to avoid certain foods which can be troublesome. Orthodontic work is expensive but the results are well worth it but while the braces are in place proper tooth maintenance is a must.

Those that wear braces must clean their teeth a number of times during the day, most certainly after every meal. It is very easy for particles of food to become lodged under the braces or wires while eating. As braces are made from metal components it is always possible for acidic foods to react unfavorably with them. All traces of food must be eliminated as soon as possible after eating; it is amazing how quickly gums and teeth can harbor bacteria which can lead to infection. Most wears of braces use a special toothbrush, one which is quite small and as such can fit between each brace.

Although brushing is an absolute must for those who wear Chicago braces, at times brushing is not enough to eliminate all evidence of food particles. The solution is flossing; there is a special floss that is available for those who wear braces. One end of the strand is stiff, this makes inserting the floss between the braces quite easy. Not only is one end prepared special, the material is somewhat “woollier” which makes it easier to clean the braces and the teeth.

The dentist will usually warn the patient about eating certain foods. Food which is hard or crispy is especially bad for those who are wearing braces; this type of food includes carrots, apples, pretzels, etc. Someone who is wearing braces cannot chew ice, it takes a considerable amount of force to break the ice, enough that it can easily break the braces. Foods such as cheese and prunes are sticky; they too should be avoided as should any food which has a somewhat “rubbery” texture, especially gum. If for some reason you have a craving for any of these foods that the dentist has warned you against then take your time, chew the food slowly and clean your teeth and braces immediately after finishing your snack.