Baltimore is a great city, but local weather and road debris can be rough on vehicle paint jobs. In fact, if you have lived in the region for a while, you may have decided to just live with small flaws rather than pay for an expensive paint job. However, there is another option. Area professionals like Diamond Detail Inc. Offer Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore. In many cases, it offers a fast, affordable way to restore your auto’s factory paint job.

Paintless Systems Can Restore Many Exteriors

Trained professionals can often use paintless methods to fix issues caused by hail, small rocks, and parking lot dings. Technicians do this by carefully massaging metal without disturbing factory paint. They use specially-designed tools and may work from the backs or fronts of damaged panels. Many times experts can restore vehicle exteriors to their original factory appearances. Specialists can fix indentations up to the size of a dinner plate if they are not extremely deep or twisted. However, the process is not a good option for major damage caused by accidents. Paintless Dent Removal in Baltimore is also not recommended for very deep small dents or when paint has cracked.

Professionals Offer Fast Repairs

Paintless repairs are a good choice if you are very busy. The process is especially fast because technicians do not use grinding, fillers, bonding, or primers. Instead, they manipulate surfaces without disturbing the paint. Most repairs fully restore damaged areas within an hour or so. In contrast, body shops can take up to 5 days to fix dents. Business people often have their autos fixed before or after work, without missing a beat.

Repairs Are Very Affordable

Paintless repairs generally average from $75-$150 for the same work that body shop do for $300-$500. You get the same excellent quality and your vehicles still retains its factory paint. Many customers take advantage of paintless repairs in order to increase the value of cars they are selling. Lease customers also use the service in order to avoid extra charges for minor damages.

Minor damage to vehicle exteriors can often be repaired quickly and affordably using paintless repairs. The process is done by carefully-trained experts who can fix many minor flaws without disturbing factory paint. This option is ideal for anyone who is selling a car, turning in a leased vehicle, or wants to maintain their car’s value.