It can happen to anyone; but, for the drivers of the big 18 wheeler rigs it can be close to their worst nightmare; one minute they are rolling along the tollway and everything is fine. Next minute, for whatever reason; they grind to a complete standstill and cannot get started again. What to do next?

Before Stopping; Pull Over If Possible

We refer to this type of road as a ”Freeway” even though we have to pay a toll fee before we can drive on it. Strictly speaking, we really mean that this particular Interstate is a controlled-access highway with no traffic signals, intersections or property access specifically designed and constructed to maintain free flowing traffic. This means two things for our unfortunate driver:-

* he cannot park up and leave the vehicle in the road
* he is unlikely to find somewhere to pull into and seek assistance.

However, space can be found at the side where, if possible, any broken down vehicle can gain temporary shelter. If stalled on the highway itself, the authorities will soon spot you and send someone big enough to tow you away; you will not have much say in whom they are or where they tow you to. If you did manage to get onto the shoulder, you will have a bit more time in which to phone either your regular tow truck and maintenance people; or, (*999 on your cellphone) for the Highway Emergency Lane Patrol (H.E.L.P.). The latter cannot do very much at the roadside – they might be able to change large tires, supply a little fuel or coolant water or, boost a battery; but, for this18 wheeler rig the best you can expect from them is that they will arrange to have you towed off to a place for Truck Repair Near I-294.

Specifying The Repair Shop Of Your Choice

If you use this portion of the Tri-State Tollway on a regular basis you have probably checked out all the local facilities that you could possibly use in an emergency breakdown situation.

For example, if your problem occurs near Bridgeview; you can take the U.S. 12 E/U.S. 20 E/95th St exit ramp and, within 5 minutes you could reach the workshops and service facilities of a company called Wilrae Inc. who are more than adequately equipped to handle whatever type of Truck Repair Off I-294 you might need. Contact Wilrae Inc. for more details.