Tin ceilings were popular in the Victorian era of homes. In today’s world, a Tin Ceiling Tile in Westchester NY is popular for a unique look or restoration of a Victorian home. Tin ceilings appear to be an easy fix to flaws in a ceiling or to obtain a certain look in a home. The reality of a tiny ceiling, is to look correct, it must be done by a professional. There are various techniques installing a tin ceiling and installing it incorrectly not give the same effect as a professionally installed ceiling.

There are a variety of Tin Ceiling Tile Westchester NY to choose from. Some of the styles can include:

  • Solid copper
  • Brass plated
  • Copper plated
  • Stainless steel
  • Tin
  • Gothic
  • Custom colors
  • Plus a variety of other designs and styles.

Depending on a home’s decor or the period of the home, this will be the determining factor as to what type of tin ceiling is correct for the home or business. Some ceiling tin ceiling tile snap together while others require furring strips. Depending on the tile and the design of the home, this will determine what type of tile will work best for the particular situation. Designing tin ceiling tiles does not mean that someone should start in a corner and continue to add tile until complete.

Installation ceiling tile in a home correctly means starting in the middle of the space and working outwards to the four walls until the ceiling is complete. This is the only way to make a ceiling look the way it was supposed to look in the Victorian era. Anything less than a perfect job will make the ceiling of the home look odd. If colored tiles are chosen, painting the tile before installation saves a lot of time and money after the installation.

Abingdon Construction installs tin ceilings in new or existing homes. Their craftsmanship and skills eliminate a lot of errors that can occur when an individual attempts to install a tin ceiling themselves. They will meet with a home or business owner and discuss the variety of options available and what will look the best in the area. Enjoy the ceiling from the past with quality construction from a professional company.