Most of us enjoy the convenience of our microwave ovens, cell phones, IPads, tablets and other modern conveniences. Thanks to the discovery of the Hall effect, which has been considered for use since the early 1900s, switch sensing and control have provided us with many devices which we now take for granted. Hall Effect devices have taken electronics into a new phase of innovation and provided us with the micro products that offer convenience and more efficient means of travel, communication, food preparation, and medical research and applications.

Hall Effect sensors

Hall effect sensors are an innovative development in sensing technology, which are used in a wide variety of applications. Magnetic systems produce a magnetic field. The sensor responds to the quantity of a specification that is designated to be sensed, such as position, temperature, pressure, etc., through the input interface. Next the electrical signal that is generated from the Hall sensor is converted into a special signal that is determined by the application. This is accomplished through an integrated circuit chip which has the Hall element and makes use of signal conditioning electronics.

New heights in technology to meet customer demands in a changing world

Society demands that the devices which are used become more user-friendly, reliable, smaller in size and lightweight. Engineers and developers have kept pace with the desired changes with innovative solutions that promote convenience and superiority in performance. This is the reason we see the trends in higher levels of technology with larger capacities for a function that are housed within smaller, thinner and lighter devices. Some examples of these are smart phones, tablets and IPads.

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