Many movies and television shows have portrayed those that go to beauty school in a poor light. However, there are many reasons to consider such schools in Boston, especially if you enjoy working with hair and makeup. If you have a passion for making people look great or feel better, then you have many available job opportunities in life, but one could give you more satisfaction and fun workdays than any other.

Support Yourself

Everyone wants to have a job where they can support themselves and their families. You want to make enough to live comfortably and still get a few extras, like going to the movies or getting your nails done. Being a beautician or stylist will allow you to do just that because you will make enough money to do what you want. While it will also depend on the number of clients you take and how often you work, you can make as much as you want.


Careers should offer a lot of opportunities, but many don’t. While you can always cut hair or do styles, you can offer so much more. Options can include eyebrow waxing, bikini waxes, manicures, pedicures, makeup, hair coloring, highlights, bleaching and so much more. Most people only think of cutting hair when they think of cosmetology, but there is so much more available.

Recession Proof

Having a recession-proof job may seem like a fantasy, but it is possible as a cosmetologist. No matter how bad the world seems to be doing financially, women still want to look their best. This means you will still have an income making others look beautiful for their job interviews. Even if you only cut hair for a few weeks, you’ll still make enough to live well.


Everyone wants to have skills that they can use every day. Whether you are a writer or a CEO of a large company, you have specific skills that are part of you and make you who you are. Learning these skills at a beauty school in the Boston area will open many doors and allow you to be a unique person.

Helping Others

Most people want to work in some field where they help people. Medical and dental fields are high on the list, but cosmetology also helps others feel better about themselves.