Pedicabs go by many names. Some call them a cycle rickshaw, others call them a trishaw. Additional names can include velocab, velotaxi, bike taxi, bike cab, beca and many others. No matter what you care to call it, pedicabs are a unique and memorable way to get around the city which makes use of a 3-person capsule being pulled by a bicycle. It’s a slower pace than a motorized taxi, but it can be more fun than walking. It’s also a great alternative for people who have no interest in trying the horse drawn carriages, or for those who simply want to try something they have never done before. A benefit to taking Central Park bike tours is that you can customize your own tour and tell the driver exactly where you want to go.

Dress Appropriately for the Weather

Many Central Park bike tours are available year round, so of course you will want to be sure to dress properly for the weather of that day. The area could bring along warm temperatures, rain, winds, chilly breezes, or snow. The city does have its different charms with the changing of the weather, however. Around Christmastime you may be able to see some stunning decorations, lights, trees and more. Enjoying this from a pedicab is a great way to feel up close and personal without having to worry with the hassle of getting there on your own. This ends up being a great option for those who are unfamiliar or new to the city, or who may be afraid of getting lost in Central Park.

Don’t Forget a Drink and your Camera

Bringing along a beverage could be a nice option for you. Some Central Park bike tours in NYC can be 3 hours or longer, and during that time you may not be able to stop for a break depending on the weather and your personal interest. Bottled water or juice is a good option to bring along, though your driver may allow a variety of other beverages too. Since the pedicab is a unique way to travel, be sure to bring along a camera. Your driver will be happy to take some photos of you and your friends throughout the tour, but you may also want to get shots of the scenery, local buildings, horse drawn carriages, art installations and more as well.