New York has so much to offer from great dining to endless shopping at lavish stores for anyone to enjoy. Many of these businesses can be found within walking distance of West Village New York Apartments. If you are searching for an apartment to purchase in this area be sure to visit the landmarked approved buildings that have been remodeled to add today’s modern conveniences. You and your family can enjoy a spacious home that overlooks the tree-lined streets of New York or the stunning view of the Hudson River. The view does not end there when you select an apartment that looks out to The Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building.

What you should ask Before Purchasing an Apartment

  • You will want to find out what the purchase price is and how much you will pay monthly. Once you know this find out if the apartment is within your budget. Will you be able to live comfortably once all living expenses and monthly payment is made?
  • Are there any amenities such as a private gym, spa, game room, or private parking?
  • Do they allow pets and are there any restrictions to having them? If they do is there a place nearby to walk your dog?
  • What is the taxes and any other fees that you will be required to pay monthly?
  • Is there a policy on subletting the apartment?
  • Does the apartment have both heating and cooling?
  • Can they provide you with information on how much the current owner spends on their utilities monthly?

What to Look For When Searching for an Apartment

  • Does the building look well-cared for or worn down?
  • Is the location prime for where you need to live?
  • What about public transportation and any businesses within walking distance of the building such as shopping and restaurants?
  • How far is the apartment from where you work? Will you be able to walk to work or will you have a long commute by public transportation?
  • How is the neighborhood? You will want to check the crime rate in the area you are looking to move to? Is this an area you would feel safe taking your children outside to play?
  • You will want to take a look at the view that you will have. Will you be greeted by another building each morning or have a more scenic view of the Hudson River?

Are you looking for a West Village New York Apartment? Contact The Shepard at 275 West 10th Street to schedule an appointment to view their lavish studios.