The internet has taken the world by storm, but printed materials are still a great way to market your business. Although online marketing campaigns are common, print campaigns are equally as effective. Using print services in Chicago can be a great way to design and produce your printed marketing materials. This article discusses why print marketing is still a popular way to promote your business.


The first benefit of print marketing is that it’s tangible. Even in the digital age, many customers prefer tangible marketing materials to digital ones. Customers are more likely to read an entire brochure or booklet when it is printed as opposed to when they see it online. Online marketing, particularly when sent via email, runs the risk of being deleted, blocked by ad-blocking software, or labeled as spam. If the marketing is not seen, it is not useful. Unlike online marketing, print marketing increases the likelihood that customers will see your materials.

On a similar note, there is value in being able to hold something in your hands. Printed materials give potential customers a chance to feel the quality of your marketing materials, which will inform them about your brand. High-quality print materials convey a professional image.


In addition to being tangible, print marketing stands out more than online marketing. Businesses who use print services to print their items have an edge over their competitors, who limit their marketing to the internet.

Print materials convey a notable level of thoughtfulness and consideration because a greater number of steps are required to produce them. Customized print materials can make potential customers feel special.

Affordable and Convenient

Print marketing is more affordable than other marketing options because printing is reasonably priced. Custom packages can be created that include graphic design and professional print services. Moreover, printing can be completed in a timely manner. The cost-effectiveness and convenience of print marketing make it an option preferred by many business owners.

Easy to Combine

Ideally, business owners will take advantage of multiple marketing options. Print marketing combines well with other forms of marketing. Mailing a promotional coupon or distributing brochures nicely complements online marketing methods.

Tried and True Method

The bottom line is that print marketing is tried and true. It has proven its effectiveness over hundreds of years. Millions of businesses have benefitted from using print marketing. Even with the advent of the internet, print marketing still continues to be a useful tool.

Print services can design marketing materials that effectively communicate your brand and its value to potential customers. Ultimately, being able to give customers something tangible and impressionable can boost your brand’s image. Print marketing is affordable, convenient, and complements other marketing techniques. Overall, it is a viable solution to your company’s marketing needs.