LinkedIn is a very powerful tool and social networking platform for professionals and businesses with a focus on business to business or B2B sales. Unfortunately many B2B focused companies, including mid to large sized organizations, don’t take full advantage of the opportunities provided. Hiring a LinkedIn coach can be a simple, effective, and enlightening way to improve branding and professional recognition.

What is Relevant?

One of the most important factors to consider when working with any LinkedIn coach is to gain a complete understanding of what is relevant to a LinkedIn profile, either for business professionals or as the company profile, and what is not.

For instance, one of the most important factors to consider is the headline in a LinkedIn profile. This is the first thing that anyone visiting you page will see, and it is a key factor in your name appearing in search engine results through the site or from outside of the LinkedIn.

If your headline, and that of the business, isn’t keyword indexed you won’t find the traffic to your page and your profile that will allow you to make those networking connections. Careful selection and determination of the most searched keywords are essential, as is ensuring the profile is complete and not missing critical information.

Overlooked Errors

Another approach that a top LinkedIn coach will introduce into managing your brand through LinkedIn is to ensure there are no discrepancies with information provided between different sites. Your professional staff sites should have the same business contact information, and should link back to both the corporate LinkedIn page as well as your actual business website.

It is also surprising how often a LinkedIn coach will find that there is no focus on the corporate identity within the sales staff personal profiles. Not only does this fail to make the connection for potential customers, but it also robs your company of valuable additional results and leads.

Making Meaningful Connections

Learning how to engage with others online in a way to generate qualified leads is another big advantage to bringing in a LinkedIn coach. While this is an online platform, making personal connections through being active in discussions, providing helpful and supportive information and in generating content to start conversations is critical.

There are many other ways that a LinkedIn coach will work with sales professionals, managers and leaders in business to develop a well-branded and effective LinkedIn presence. With this training in place, your staff will see an uptick in responses, qualified leads, and networking possibilities.