In the event the transmission inn your vehicle fails you are looking at an expensive repair. When this happens one of the options available is to replace it with a used transmission; is this a good idea?

By definition, used transmissions for sale are just that; used. Ann unknown amount of the life of the transmission is gone, it has been used up by the owner of the vehicle it came out of. How is a consumer with little or no knowledge on cars supposed to know when to buy a used transmission and just as importantly; when not too.

When you are looking for used transmissions for sale there are a few things to take into account to ensure you get a good one.

* Homework: The importance of this cannot be overstated. A used transmission is expensive; you do not want to buy one without knowing a little about it. Go online, only look at web sites of ATRA accredited sellers. Transmissions are heavy; shipping them is not going to be cheap, try to find the one you need close to your home, in this way your mechanic can pick it up rather than spend money on freight.

* Know your needs: This point could also be listed under homework; you need to know exactly what you are looking for. In most cases the transmission can be identified using the make and model year of the car along with the engine details. If this approach fails the seller can often track the exact specifications down using the VIN number of the vehicle.

* Guarantee: There are plenty of used transmissions for sale, don’t even consider one that does not come with a guarantee. Shopping on line is a little different than shopping at a bricks and mortar store, on-line shopping is more anonymous. The guarantee is there to ensure that you are getting what you paid for. Once you think you have identified the transmission you need and the seller, see if there are any reviews on-line, reviews can often confirm that you are making a good decision.

The majority of used transmissions for sale from reputable sellers are either remanufactured o rebuilt. This simply means that the transmission has been disassembled; any worn or broken parts have been replaced and then reassembled using new gaskets and seals. You may not be able to actually look at the transmission but if you buy from a reputable online dealer that offers a meaningful guarantee it certainly beats getting one from the junk yard and hoping for the best.

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