While a subfloor adhesive is a crucial tool for completing any flooring project, not all adhesives are alike in their performance capabilities. With this in mind, it is important that you do your research to determine which option is best for your project.

Here is a look at three things that you need to consider before purchasing subfloor adhesives:

Reviews From the Brand

While anyone can say that they offer a high-quality adhesive to their customers, not everyone can follow through with that. Sometimes you simply cannot trust the claims that you hear from a company. In these instances, it is also best to check out some of the user reviews from the brand to determine if the product has a history of satisfying customers’ needs.

Tack and Bond Strength

No matter what brand you look at, they will more than likely claim to offer top of the line tack and bond strength. This is once again an instance where you will need to go back to user reviews. Check out the specific details of some of the reviews and see if you can find any opinions about the tack or bond strength of a particular product.


One of the worst things that can happen when using an adhesive is that it begins to break down as extreme weather hits. If you are completing projects in areas that are excessively hot or cold at times, you will want to be sure that the product and brand that you choose has weather resistant characteristics within it. Brands that specialize in weatherization are best for this type of product.

The Final Word

Picking the right subfloor adhesive could turn out to be one of the most important aspects of your project. While there are many brands out there that can get the job done, choosing one that does not work well can have some pretty serious quality consequences. A trusted brand can help ensure that you are getting a high-performance adhesive that you can guarantee will get the job done at a high level.