People who own a business know how busy everyday life can be. Most people spend majority of their time in their office working and do not want to come in early or stay late to clean up after a long day at work. This is why a business owner will look into hiring a professional cleaning service. Maintenance and office cleaning is essential for any type of business. You want your business to look great and to be a healthy and safe work environment not only for you but also your employees. Having a clean business will save you time and money along with increasing productivity. A reputable cleaning company that has professional maids working for them offers commercial cleaning services in NYC.

Choose a Cleaning Service that Provides Several Amenities

You want a cleaning service that will visit your business without any interruptions during work hours. When you choose a professional cleaning service that offers well trained maids, reasonable rates, bonded, licensed and guarantees their work, you have made the right decision. The options you can choose from to have your business cleaned by one of their experienced maids are monthly-bi weekly-weekly, every other day, daily and a flexible schedule. They also can provide references, free estimates and no long term contracts. Each maid takes pride in their work. No matter what you want cleaned they will do it whether it is the general office areas, bathrooms or kitchens.

A List of Some Amenities Provided by a Commercial Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Clean Exterior/Interior Front Doors
  • Vacuum all Carpeted Areas
  • Mop and Vacuum Hard Surfaces and Floors
  • Polish and Dust Furniture
  • Clean all Countertops
  • Clean Outside Refrigerator and Dishwasher
  • Clean Faucets and Sinks
  • Disinfect and Clean Exterior/Interior Toilets
  • Clean Mirrors and Mop/Sweep and Disinfect Floors

A Cleaning Service That Strives to be One of the Best

By selecting a commercial cleaning service that provides each client with professionalism, friendly and courteous maids, you will want to continue to use their services again. If by any chance they miss an area that you wanted cleaned call them within a limited time span and they will come back and take care of it at no additional charge. A qualified cleaning company with years of experience and that has cleaned thousands of businesses all over the area is a cleaning service perhaps you want to refer to with other business associates.

Today’s Maid offers commercial cleaning services in NYC to all businesses small and large. Contact them today via their website or call for more information.